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GE SPECTRA Circuit Breaker: Buying a ...

GE SPECTRA Circuit Breaker: Buying a SPECTRA Type Replacement

Specify Circuit Breakers by the Numbers To help with our discussion of specifying, buying and replacing circuit breakers, I’ll illustrate by using part numbers and common attributes like Voltage, Amps, etc. Let’s use part numbers

Get to Know Denver Breaker & Sup...


As the business has flourished and grown to its current 25,000 square foot warehouse he has worked hard to maintain that philosophy. Request a quote, sell your equipment or general questions. Or call Customer Service 855-487-2757

Denver Breaker – Circuit Breake...


Denver Breaker was established in 1984 doing business as K&R Sales by Ken & Robin Bowler as Individual Owners. In 2003 the name was changed to Denver Breaker & Supply, Inc. to reflect the company’s location and product focus.

Allen Bradley MCC Bucket Centerline 2...


Allen Bradley CENTERLINE 2100 Low Voltage MCC CENTERLINE Motor Control Centers (MCCs) feature IntelliCENTER software to give intelligent motor control and protection, networking and diagnostics for closer inspection of your Allen Bradley […]

Square D MCC Model 4, Model 5 Replace...


Typically Low Voltage Motor Control Centers have a very long lifespan. The MCC structures and internal buswork usually outlive the life of the individual MCC Buckets which are prone to breakdowns and obsolescence. So why replace an entire motor control center […]

Square D I-Line Breaker System


The I-Line® power distribution panelboard is the most versatile on the market and feature Schneider Electric’s unique breaker engagement system. It is used to feed NQ and NF lighting and appliance panelboards. I-Line panelboards are capable of feeding large motor […]

Reconditioned Siemens BQD 100A Breake...


BQD 100A Frame Panelboard Mounting Circuit Breakers Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) AFCI’s detect arcing faults (an unintentional arcing condition in a circuit) that standard circuit breakers are unable to detect. The device is intended to mitigate the effects of […]

Cuttler Hammer Molded Case GHB Type B...

Cuttler Hammer Molded Case GHB Type Breaker

Switching Duty (SWD) Rated Breakers SWD breakers are rated 15 or 20A, 120 and 277V cutler-hammer-ghb-breakerand intended to switch fluorescent lighting loads on a regular basis and are marked SWD, per UL 489 Section 7.9. SWD breakers are endurance […]

Siemens LGB Thermal Mag Circuit Break...


The Siemens GG Circuit Breaker is a compact, industrial design thermal magnetic breaker with valuable features for the global markets. The “L” in LGB indicates Line Side and Load Side lugs are supplied as standard. These features include a design that meets multi-national […]