Electrical Marketing Staff Announcements


Video and Audio Producer Alan Read has joined Electrical Marketing Technologies. (EMT) Alan adds motion content and audio mixing expertise for EMT clients looking to keep pace with advances in Industrial Digital Technologies.

Industrial and Electrical suppliers need to differentiate themselves as “knowledge based” partners with their customers. This enables them to compete with e-Commerce initiatives, by delivering an Educational component larger, more general e-commerce competitors haven’t developed.

Alan has jumped in quickly with creative input for clients needing more than an online catalog and static design. His work ethic complements Electrical Marketing’s highly-collaborative business model.

Prior to Electrical Marketing, Alan contributed to branding through audio and visual projects for Cisco, Halliburton, Infusionsoft, Audible.com (Amazon) and Home Shopping Network. According to Alan, “If you can see it or hear it”, We can do it!,”

Electrical Marketing delivers technical and tactical services focused on keeping Industrial and Electrical suppliers keep pace as the “internet of things” evolves.


Greg Carter
Director, Business Innovation.
Electrical Marketing, LLC
email: gcarter@electricalmarketing.net
CONTACT US: 856.381.7834

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