Structured e-Commerce Content for Robust Product Presentation

Product Descriptions

Product Attributes

Digital Assets

Your product data gets organized into robust content your customers use to make buying decisions. Enriched product descriptions build your customers’ confidence and position you as a “knowledge-based” supplier.

Your content is classified into categories and subcategories. Next, we focus on dimensions like weight, size and other product attributes. For you, this means fewer product returns and repeat orders.

We are platform independent. Experts working within popular software including

Big Commerce
… and more

You need Images, video, data sheets, user manuals, spec sheets and more.  This content is used by your sales force to educate customers communicate expertise.  This means a robust presentation of products and services.

Our story

Electrical Marketing was founded when e-Commerce was born. We’ve worked on staff and under contract exclusively with the Electrical supply chain since 2001.  Our services deliver subject matter and product content our clients need to explain what they do and sell what they offer.

Our work spans the supply chain including National Distributors, Manufacturers and Industrial Services. 

we’ve worked on staff in sales, IT and marketing. We have a head start when it comes to supporting your growth. What content are you missing?

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