Web Marketing

Competitive Analysis
Shows specific locations where Top 3 competitions’ traffic is originating and which traffic is having the most influence on search engines. Serves as a foundation for other efforts.

Site Crawl Diagnostics
Specific examples of client web site factors affecting SEO and recommendations for optimizing for industrial buyers and repair customers.

Catalog Expansion
Improving product attribute descriptions and images and expanding product listings to icrservices.com. Data/images sourced from OEM and other industry sources. Assistance with Category/Subcategory structure.

Technical Blog Content
Research and create articles focused on product series or services, keyword optimize and link to Store. Post to client Blog and push to external web properties (e.g. social media) to get links pointing back to client parent web property.

Greg Carter
Director, Business Innovation.
Electrical Marketing, LLC
email: gcarter@electricalmarketing.net
CONTACT US: 856.381.7834

eCommerce | Content Development | Strategy & Execution

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