Industrial Content Development

Content Exclusively for Industrial/Electrical

Your business problems are unique…. so are our solutions.

Working exclusively in the Industrial/Electrical supply chain. We understandĀ the culture, products, business landscape, and most importantly, your customers.

  • –>Ā  Knowing the industry means less “hand-holding”
  • –>Ā  Faster Project delivery means more time for you
  • –>Ā  e-Business strategies unique to Industrial/Electrical
  • –>Ā  Product knowledge, technical and creative
  • –>Ā  First hand industry knowledge
Web Platform

Review the existing web platform and determine how it can be utilized to display an online catalog


Categories & Brands

Identify the Categories and Brands
that can deliver the greatest return on investment.

Content Enrichment

Complement existing product attributes and images and add appropriate non-existent content

Collect Content


Source the content from OEM’s and ourĀ industry recognized data channels

IT Synergy

IT Staff specify data format and method of delivery to populate website.

Publishing and Marketing


Search engine optimization and social media drive awareness, traffic and sales conversions.


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