Content for Industry

Showcase Your Expertise

e-Commerce Content

Product Data, images and an easy-to-use platform. Do these well and gain customer confidence. Content and a clean interface means more customer conversions.

Video Content

"Don't Tell Me, Show Me..." Customers expect you to be subject matter experts. Our video services showcase you as a Knowledge-based supplier. What are the benefits you can offer?

Tell Your Story

(A.K.A. "Blogging" ) Search engines want Educational, Engaging content. We KNOW the right WORDS. We understand industrial products, culture and Your Customer. WHAT'S YOUR STORY?

Marketplace Research

Research tools geared specifically for e-Business, What's working, what's not? Commerce in the industry is involving. Our studies give you a 360 view of the e-Business landscape.

Our story

Electrical Marketing was founded when e-Commerce was born. We’ve worked on staff and under contract exclusively with the Electrical supply chain since 2001. Our services deliver subject matter and product content our clients need to explain what they do and sell what they offer.

Our work spans the supply chain including National Distributors, Manufacturers and Industrial Repair Services. What’s more, we’ve worked on staff in sales, IT and marketing. We have a head start when it comes to supporting your growth. We generate content. What content are you missing?

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