3 E's of the Written Word

Written Content positions you as a Subject Matter Expert. Go beyond listing products and images. Position yourself as a "Knowledge Based" supplier. Search engines will love you too...


Engaging means getting customers to click, or take action. They must feel something needs to be done, and that you can solve their problem. Our content converts browsers into buyers.. 


Entertaining means getting customers to consume your content. Most importantly, to share it with others looking to learn about subject matter that will help them grow their business.


Are you a Subject Matter Expert? Can you help a customer solve a problem? Our content helps you EDUCATE customers, empowering them to take action. And go to you for answers.

Words Matter

The good news is that search engines are changing their algorithms to reward valuable information which you can create, and over time, will nudge you toward the top of the rankings. Create and don’t stop. Now is the time to leapfrog the competition. 

Creating entertaining, educational or problem-solving content gets shared and sends strong signals to Google and other search engines that say you’re doing something better than that guy who is publishing data and pictures and stopping there.

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