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NAED Adventure Marketing Time Again

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It’s time for another “Adventure”

.When asked to give a presentation at the NAED Adventure Marketing Conference for electrical distributors last year, my response was brief: “Absolutely.” I’ve worked in the industry most of my career, but the collective knowledge among fellow industry marketers far exceeded what I alone could offer.

Here are some takeaways and why industry marketers should attend this year’s event which begins August 10, 2016.

Electrical Speakers

One speaker started doing push-ups. Another handed out electronic polling devices. All speakers delivered substance.

Repfiles demonstrated how its mobile applications place sales and marketing material into the field and closer to the customer quickly and efficiently. Marketing Strategist Lois Kelly explained how we can lead change within our organizations and help others change with us. DATAgility presented on why Data Matters. A Contractor Panel fielded questions about what we’re doing right, or could do better. David Meerman Scott complemented his presentation with a free copy of “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”. Buy it.


Marketers at Adventure were confident in their roles at distributors now accelerating their e-Business initiatives. Some activities marketing can execute independently of IT, while web storefronts in particular require collaboration with IT as our skill sets converge. One common denominator is driving the convergence: Data.

Growing Confidence


NAED Electrical Distributor Conference

Data Quality was naturally at the center of many conversations. One presentation showed the number one reason for product returns is poor product descriptions. As our data and content (e.g. images) gets better so will order accuracy and customer satisfaction, followed by confidence in shopping and ultimately buying online. We’re moving in that direction. Industry support and participation from manufacturers has allowed IDEA to announce IDW Compliance . This time last year it reached 1.4 million SKUs now fully-attributed and available to distributors and contractors.

Print On!

Counter sales, field sales, showrooms and great branding justify print advertising. tED’s “Best of the Best Award” panel handed out awards in ‘Print Ads’, ‘Events’, ‘Brand Awareness’ and ‘Digital/Social’ categories. Print prevails as the medium most effective for Events and Branding where bolder and more engaging messaging can be absorbed. Contrast this with Digital content made for “consuming.” All these mediums have their time and place to be their “Best”.


NAED Workshops on video marketing and graphic design included Q&A, demonstrations, and reviews of applications and hardware used to produce content. Leading NAED member companies facilitated the workshops illustrating their own techniques for communicating their product messages to audiences. Workshop participants were encouraged to share how they were using these tools as well, so everyone learned.

Time to Go Live

Socializing in person at these conferences is about being genuine, building trust and relationships. Best of all, you leave knowing what you didn’t know. In other words, you’re live! These are exciting times for electrical distributors, and NAED Adventure Marketing energized my passion for industrial marketing. Never stop learning, and if you get the chance to go, say “Absolutely.”

This year’s Adventure Marketing Conference begins August 10th. Read the full story in tED Magazine.



About Greg Carter: Greg’s 15 years of employment and consulting exclusively in the industrial/electrical supply chain includes large distributors, independents and OEMs including Sonepar/Cooper Electric, Schneider Electric, Radwell International, RESA Power, All Current Electric and contract assignments in power distribution and industrial services. Email:


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