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Can Content Save Your Business from Extinction?


Beyond Data…
The Era of Content Marketing Has Arrived

Beyond data, the “Content Era” is here.
We’re not talking about product data and pictures for your online store. We’re talking about unique, substantive content. Google wants substance, not just product listings. Besides, you do more than ship products right?

What’s your unique proposition? Explain your offering. Tell your story.

We’ve reached the point where everyone’s got the same data. Nothing is really setting their stores apart.  Content is important to search engines, and you’re virtually invisible to users browsing if you don’t appear in search engines. Unique content gets indexed and shared, increasing your rankings and visibility . Your content can link to your store’s products.

There are various types of content depending on what you’re strategy is.  If you’re not sure what to write about, see samples in the Electrical Marketing Content Library. Now is the time to get content out there. Five years ago, you stood out if you had a nice online product catalog. You were ahead of the curve. If you’re not creating fresh content, you can expect your product listings to slip in search engine rankings.

You may find yourself playing “catch-up” once again, or worse yet, facing extinction. The Content Era has arrived. Don’t be a Dinosaur.