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5 Pillars of e-Business



Data Standardization

1) fewer product returns 2) Operational efficency in ERPs 3) Web navigation and taxonomy 4) Attributed data for SEO. e-Commerce starts with planning a road map and accurate data.


The process of classifying your data to fit in product categories. Begin with best sellers where you have sufficient inventory, dependable suppliers and solid product knowledge to handle the increased customer


What’s your next move? When you focus too much attention on your web storefront, you miss what’s working for competitors. Where’s their traffic originating? Who’s linking to them? Why are they more visible?

Content is King!

Beyond attributes and nice pictures, Electrical Distributor Blogs with educational
content and videos, testimonials and case studies convey your product knowledge and show your passion for what you do. Search engines will like you too.

ROI for e-commerce

Web Analytics can be dollars, other times in certain goals and metrics like Cost per Inquiry, phone call tracking or requests for quote. Set benchmarks in your analytics for whatever it is and measure.