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Video Marketing by the Numbers


The last 5 years content marketing has changed.

Video marketing follows the rule of “3 E’s: Engaging, Entertaining and best of all, Education.
Within their vertical markets, knowledge-based suppliers can position themselves as subject matter experts by educating customers who, like many of us, are “visual learners”.

(Infographic by Vidyard )

Education. That’s something that Industrial and Electrical distributors can do better than the largest of online stores (e.g. Amazon). Within their vertical markets, they are able to position themselves as “Knowledge-Based Suppliers.

Quantifying Video Marketing


According to HubSpot, a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales:

• 80% is the amount of web traffic driven by video by 2019.

• 90% of consumers state product help them make purchasing decisions

• 100% is the growth rate of YouTube video posts every year.

• 64% of consumers will buy a product online after watching a video.

• 33% of online time is spent watching videos.

• 59% of decision makers prefer video over text blog posts.



Video: The New King of SEO

• 65% of decision-makers click-through links in the video post. This boosts “Site Authority” of the destination page.

• 59% of decision makers prefer video over text blog posts.

Video is responsive on all devices

Responsiveness means the browser on your devise with format the presentation based on screen size. This means it will be easily consumed.

Video’s accessibility makes it a good to creating content that has an impact on your audience. It creates emotion to drive sales. Buyers like feeling good about their decisions. If done right, video is the best method for converting shoppers into buyers. Video is one of three components to a well-rounded content solution that can position you as a subject matter expert.

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