Data Services

Data Services give prospective customers confidence for making informed buying decisions. Data services complement your existing Product Information Management (PIM) with attributes, or the data can be used to expand your product database and avoid missing new opportunities when customers are searching for products.electrical-distributor-ecommerce-electrical-marketing

This service helps you collect and publish web data to your BI tools, databases and your web storefront. From small, one-time projects to high-volume weekly data feeds. What’s more, rich data can be useful in your ERP to facilitate sales, shipping, purchasing and billing document accuracy.The end result is fewer product returns and more sales conversions

Content Marketing

Content Marketing: As an industrial e-commerce site owner, you’re focused on the quality of your product data, descriptions and images for search engine visibility. So are others in your marketplace. What differentiates you? You need a Content Platform for publishing a blog. This will put you ahead of the those who just have product catalog listings.

10 years ago suppliers were asking: “Do we really need a webstore?” Early adopters are leading the pack. Today, these same suppliers are just now refining their stores, and focusing little on creating helpful, educational content about their products Content Marketing for B2B Industrial Writerand services.

Data is a dinosaur. The product “data era” has come and everyone is essentially working off the same data. What makes you different? Creating entertaining, educational or problem-solving content gets shared and sends strong signals to Google and other search engines that say you’re doing something better than the competitor who is publishing data and pictures and stopping there. Good data is not enough to succeed in e-Business without the rich content to back it up. Don’t be a dinosaur. It’s a new era.

Video Marketing

Facility Tours: It makes sense to introduce your audience to your company. Offering a tour of your facility with video shows prospects your facility without paying a visit. It gets them in your doors.Video-Marketing-Electrical-Marketing

Products and Services: Show your products in action… how they can be used, and what your customers can expect from your products. Showing your product in use demonstrates you as a subject matter expert and could be just what is needed to convert a sale.


Data Standardization: 1) fewer product returns 2) Operational efficiency in ERPs 3) Web navigation and taxonomy 4) Attributed data for SEO. e-Commerce starts with planning a road map and accurate data.

Taxonomy: The process of classifying your data to fit in product categories. Begin with best sellers where you have sufficient inventory, dependable suppliers and solid product knowledge to handle the increased customer inquiries.

Intelligence: What’s your next move? When you focus too much attention on your web storefront, you miss what’s working for competitors. Where’s their traffic originating? Who’s linking to them? Why are they more visible?ecommerce

Content is King: Beyond attributes and nice pictures, Electrical Distributor Blogs with educational content and videos, testimonials and case studies convey your product knowledge and show your passion for what you do. Search engines will like you too.

ROI for e-commerce: Web Analytics can be dollars, other times in certain goals and metrics like Cost per Inquiry, phone call tracking or requests for quote. Set benchmarks in your analytics for whatever it is and measure.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence can be gathered online using tools developed specifically for this purpose. Find out what’s driving business to others in the marketplace. Knowing where internet traffic in your marketplace is coming and going reveals the story offline as well. What’s your next move?chess

Electrical Marketing can perform an in-depth analysis showing you specifically how you can increase online visibility by learning what’s going on in the industrial/electrical online marketplace. The analysis will also highlight issues with your online catalog affecting your visibility. Next, we’ll make recommendations and establish a plan for executing improvements. What’s your next move? When you focus too much attention on your web storefront, you miss what’s working for competitors. Where’s their traffic originating? Who’s linking to them? Why are they more visible?


Working exclusively in the Industrial/Electrical Supply Chain since 1999, Electrical Marketing has been featured on NBC for developing B2B  e-commerce platforms working as both staff and contract employment over the years. Data warehouses have exceeded 1 million industrial and electrical products.gantt-chart

Supply chain entities including large distributors, independents and OEMs have benefitted from these services. Beyond digital initiatives, Electrical Marketing assesses, recommends and helps your team with offline customer service and direct sales program.

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