What’s Brewing with Your Power Bill?

 It’s the principle behind the quality of your facility’s power consumption. And here’s an analogy using a favorite carbonated beverage.

 Can Beer Give You More Power?

Not really, but to understand why your facility’s power bill is so high, it may help to remember that Power Factor is the principle behind the quality of your facility’s power consumption and your favorite carbonated beverage.

Brewing Power Factor Ingredients

Less Foam = More Power!  Looking at the illustration below, consider this. Power factor is a measure of an electrical system’s efficiency. kW is the real power ingredient. kVAR is the reactive power that magnetic equipment needs to produce magnetizing flux. In other words, the foam. kVA is the product, or full serving, of the current and voltage of the circuit.


What do Beer and the Power Factor have in common? (source: Electrical Engineering Portal)


Want to know more about what electrical power efficiency has to do with Beer? This analogy from the Electrical Energy Portal may help you understand Power Factor. This post is a condensed version of the original “beer” article posted here.
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(This article originally appeared in the Monster Fuses blog)

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