Social Media

Electrical and Industrial Supplier Social Media

Social networking has proved a valuable business tool for electrical and industrial distributors. Two of my favorites are YouTube and LinkedIn. YouTube for product and service marketing, and LinkedIn for sales prospecting.

5 YouTube Marketing Tps for Electrical and Industrial Distributors


1, Write good content. Just as important as the video, the title and video description can be heavily optimized to get found in search engines, not to mention YouTube. You can come out unscathed by Google’s recent algorithm updates by producing good content. More than anything else, Google emphasizes fresh content to add value to it’s customers.

2 Integrate Google Analytics with your YouTube channel to find out where your visitors are coming from

3. Feature your latest video on your company website

4. If you don’t have someone with good “on-camera” presence, consider using voice over talent only

5. Find out where your customers hang out (Google+ your LinkedIn Company Page or Profile, Industry Blogs), and post a link your Channel. See my electrical distributor video. Look at your Google Analytics for Referral Sources to see where traffic to your site is coming from. This will give you “hangouts”.

YouTube Marketing

This  electrical supply company’s views spiked instantly after we embedded a languishing YouTube video thumbnail on its homepage.

Just a few Electrical and Industrial Manufacturer and Distributor YouTube Channels worth a look:
Schneider Electric YouTube
Graybar YouTube Channel
Radwell International


5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Electrical and Industrial Distributors

Electrical and Industrial e-biz people use LinkedIn more than Facebook and Twitter. Our industry is extremely organic: Personal relationships matter when it comes to building trust throughout the Supply Chain. LinkedIn does this best.

1. Create and promote a LinkedIn company page
2. Get your staff involved by asking them to Follow your Company Page
3. Add a link in your own profile, and build Connections.
4. Put useful educational content on your Company Page, and post an Update to LinkedIn Group members pointing them to the content.
5. Be sure to add an Electrical Products and Services tab on the Company page

LinkedIn as a Networking Tool
At one time I was giving Social Media presentations in the evening within county library systems and schools. Here’s the LinkedIn presentation. It may be a little dated now, but the concepts and tools still exist at LinkedIn. LinkedIn and Social Media Presentation


You Tube Video – NBC Interview

Carefully written descriptions of videos on YouTube are good SEO. This video of my interview
at Radwell International has more views than most of the videos on the company’s YouTube channel.