What is Electrical Marketing?


  • Rich Data gives customers confidence for making informed buying decisions. Data services complement your existing product with attributes, or the data can be used to expand your product database and develop taxonomy. What’s more, rich data can be used in your ERP to facilitate sales, shipping, purchasing and billing document accuracy. The end result is fewer product returns and more sales conversions
  • Product Data is just the beginning..We established ourselves in e-Business in 1999 and have been featured on NBC for launching Business and Industrial e-commerce platforms. We’ve worked as both staff and contract employment. Data warehouses we developed have exceeded 1 million industrial and electrical products. Supply chain entities including large distributors, independents and OEMs have benefitted from these services. See How We Do It.
  • Is your site losing traffic? Let us perform an in-depth analysis pinpointing how you can increase online visibility by learning what’s going on in the industrial/electrical online marketplace. The analysis will also highlight issues with your online catalog that are affecting search engine rankings. Next, we’ll make recommendations and establish a plan for executing improvements.
  • Content is King! Digital Asset Collection entails the collection and provision of a central storage area for digital content (including text, images, photos, and file formats).This collection includes OEM PDFs like catalogs, engineering documents, and white papers.

    Product attributes accompanied by images increase customer confidence in making a buying decision. “Photo Coming Soon” is unacceptable. Blogs are another good strategy for bringing buyers to your storefront. This serivce includes everything needed to design and launch a content rich blog including some articles when the site launches.This same content can be pushed to Social Media Channels.

What is e-Business?
13 e-Business Initiatives for Electrical Distributors and OEMs

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