Motor Control Training: Textbooks, White Papers

by Greg Carter

Practical Guide to Motors and Motor Controllers

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine published the Practical Guide to Motors and Motor Controllers. This series of textbooks is filled with motor control methods and guidance on maintaining and operating  motors and motor control equipment. Practical Guide to Motors and Motor Controllers reveals changes in NEC Standards including, starter and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) controllers and new technologies that lower start-up costs, energy replacement and maintenance costs. The books provide specifications on voltage limits involving total harmonic distortion and impact on motor heating related to servicing the equipment.

Motors and Motor Controllers TextbookGenerator Monitoring of Motor Control

No shortage of Motor Control and Generator Monitoring educational material. DPS Telecom put out a generator events white paper on how to mitigate power outages effects and maintaining remote locations. It covers several situations requiring monitoring and generator equipment best practices. It’s a primer on generator monitoring:

  • Avoid/reduce site power failures
  • Managing sites during natural disasters
  • Reducing expenditures on fuel through avoiding waste
  • Ensuring generators are running efficiently

Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems

Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems by Gary Rockis is the industry’s bible for electrical, motor, and mechanical devices and applications in industrial controls circuitry. The publication teaches innovative manufacturing ecosystems and covers fluid power, electrical and mechanical power systems, electrical and motor theories. Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems goes into fundamentals of circuitry for an understanding of principles accompanied by illustrations of industrial best practices. The book’s features include finding trouble areas and takes the reader through predictive and preventative maintenance applications.

Motors and Motor Controllers Textbook


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