32 Blog Posts You Can Start NOW

A survey of media consumption by Microsoft found the average attention human span has fallen to eight seconds, We now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

After reading professional blogs over the past several weeks, it occurred to me that most posts follow simple rules. They discuss everyday life. The writer simply took a few minutes to document a recent experience, then expanded on it.

Below are 32 examples of blog post topics I’ve read recently. I simply documented them during January to write this post.

We now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

Resource Blog Posts

– What problem does your target audience have? Explain a solution.
– What tools or applications have helped you get your job done recently?
– List some resources you go to frequently to get your job done.
– Checklists: This is an easy one.
– Read any professional books have you read lately? Briefly summarize.
– List some blogs you read. Link to them. Good SEO

Subject Matter Expertise (solving a problem)

– How about a “good old” FAQ?
– Make short paragraphs from your latest slide presentation.
– Bullet Point History timeline for your company
– What are some terms in your industry that need explaining?

Roundup Blog Post Ideas

– Interview an expert in your company. List questions. They answer.
– Compile a list of inspirational quotes related to your industry.
– Capture statistics (Charts, Graphs) and give credit

if you’ve gotten this far in the article, your attention span far exceeds that of a goldfish.

Fun Blog Post Ideas

– Create a quiz for your customers. Award a prize for best score
– Create an infographic from a slide presentation you’ve done
– Capture some twitter posts from your Company feed

Hijack the Latest News

– List headlines from recent news in your industry. With a link.
– Repurpose OEM product literature to do a Product Review
– Survey your customers. Publish results.
– Any holidays coming up?

Controversial Blog Post Ideas

– Rant about a frustration you have.
– Write an open letter to someone or a company.
– What’s your passion, professionally?
– Myth vs. Fact.
– Share your reaction to a blog post you’ve read.
– How to do something.

Promotional Blog Post Ideas

– Chronicle your company History
– How do you differentiate your company from competitors?
– Showcase your customers?
– State a Problem and Solution case study.
– News Release. Who, What, When, Where, Why?
– Tip Sheet for using your product or service

Surely you recognize some of these examples. And congratulations…  if you’ve gotten this far in the article, your attention span far exceeds that of a goldfish. The world is waiting to hear from you. Why not start?

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