Cooper Lighting Metalux LED High Bay

Cooper High Bay LED Lighting

Cooper High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures

Cooper Lighting Metalux LED High Bay lighting fixtures are gaining facility managers’ attention in industrial, commercial, manufacturing and gymnasium type settings …spaces that once favored traditional HID and fluorescent high bays.

Cooper’s High-Bay LED is the only HB fixture offering uplight (throws light upward) and flexible optical blades. Patented WaveStream technology delivers superior light distribution matching or exceeding fluorescent in performance without adverse environmental impact.


High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures Go Long on Electrical Life

Power savings and low maintenance give a return on the initial investment in this LED High Bay fixture, with a projected 60,000 hour life compared to fluorescent’s typical 10,000 hour life.

Cooper HB lighting is available in 3500 Kelvin (K), 4000K and 5000K color temperatures. There’s flexibility to suit any venue with High Bay LED dimming and an optional dimmer driver and Occupancy Sensor that shuts off the LED luminaire if human body heat is not detected for 15 minutes.

Wavestream LED Light Technology

Cooper deploys Wavestream LED Technology with its Metalux Skyridge product line, delivering exceptional diffused lighting performance in commercial settings


Cooper LED Lighting: Clean, Compliant

Cooper’s HB LED are RoHS compliant and recognized by the Design Lights Consortium for quality, performance and energy efficient commercial lighting. The Metalux LED complies with IESNA LM-79 and LM-80 standards. Safety considerations for simplified suspension including mounting brackets with optional wire hook and chain set, cable or single point mounting. Construction includes channel and end plates, along with stiffening brackets and side rails for a strong, clean finish.


Why Fluorescent Tubes Vs. LED?:
The Case for High Bay Lighting FixturesCooper Metalux LED Brochure

Fluorescent tubes have lower upfront cost while HB LED give long term savings, great electrical performance, variable color, and less HAZMAT. High Bay LED Lighting Fixture Advantages include:

  • 60,000 Hour Life requiring less frequent maintenance
  • Colors adaptable to the venue and ability to dim
  • Small environmental footprint, non-toxic, not fragile
  • Energy consumption lowering electrical cost 50%+
  • Luke warm to touch, no heat radiation
  • Instant on, no delay or flickering before illumination
  • Even light diffusion in aisles and nooks.


Cooper high bay LED lighting with its low power, low brightness delivers optical performance for High Bay facilities. download specs.

Cooper High Bay LED Lighting

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