Amazon Supply, YouTube and ebay Marketing

Today, distributors and partners up and down the supply chain may want to look into Amazon Supply which has major product categories including Power Transmission, Hydraulics, Electrical/Industrial, to name a few. I recently listed several thousand Breakers and MCC Buckets (Motor Control Center). amazon supplyLike ebay, it’s a good marketing tool to bring in first time customers and build loyalty by delivering as expected on the first order, then selling to them directly through a positive customer service experience.

Depending on their business model, suppliers should consider this type of syndication for extending reach beyond their own web properties. Think of syndicated properties as the Spokes that send traffic to your Hub (Company parent site).


In a tight economy and looking for ways for “guerilla marketing” tactics? Here’s one I used a few years back when the economy was in similar straits as it is today. Yes, e-Bay. I’ve launched an entire new product division just through a test on ebay that proved hugely profitable.

ebayI listed 10 products… they sold… so I listed 60,000 more. This store is generating significant traffic to the parent site, primarily from traffic that leaves the ebay site “About Me” page. All the links in the About Me paragraph reviewing our products take you directly to the the parent site. More importantly, the product listings themselves have some links that are oozing “google juice” to attract search engines.  Today, this ebay site is ranking well in Google with some little known tactics not discussed here.

Ebay won’t advertise the fact  that you can have as many links to your About Me page on your main store page, and in turn, have as many links to your main site in your About Me page. Let’s move on to something fairly new that is gaining momentum …


5 YouTube Marketing Tips for Electrical and Industrial Distributors

Although you’re not actually “selling” anything here, guerrilla marketers  use their YouTube channel to syndicate offerings. Here are some tips, and although they are basic, only a small percentage of industrial companies are applying them.

1, Write good content. Just as important as the video, the title and video description can be heavily optimized to get found in search engines, not to mention YouTube. You can come out unscathed by Google’s recent algorithm updates by producing good content. More than anything else, Google emphasizes fresh content to add value to it’s customers.

2 Integrate Google Analytics with your YouTube channel to find out where your visitors are coming from

3. Feature your latest video on your company website

4. If you don’t have someone with good “on-camera” presence, consider using voice over talent only

5. Find out where your customers hang out (Google+, your LinkedIn Company Page or Profile, Industry Blogs), and post a link your Channel. Look at your Google Analytics for Referral Sources to see where traffic to your site is coming from. This will give you “hangouts”.

YouTube Marketing

This  electrical supply company’s views spiked instantly after we embedded a languishing YouTube video thumbnail on its homepage.


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