Electrical, Industrial Distributor Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most overlooked marketing tactics. This is because creating good content requires writing skills and knowledge of industrial and electrical products. Next, a lot of research is required. But how do you know if your articles are making an impact?

During the past year I’ve written more than 30 electrical supplier articles. Here is what I’ve learned will rank you well for SEO:

1. Article headline should begin with keywords
2. Use a keyword research tool like Wrodtracker or Google Adwords Suggestion Tool
3. Cross link your articles when topics overlap
4. Google+ your articles and ask other to “plus” them
5. Submit the article to a news aggregator like PR Web
6. Post them on your Google+ company page
7. Ask an influential blogger on the topic if they’ll publish your article on their blog
8. Do a search on Google for your topic, and note the topics that auto-populate in the search toolbar

Image: Coutesy Creative Commons License.

Image: Coutesy Creative Commons License.

Use Google Analytics Advanced Segments Top Landing Page report. Make sure you’re selecting only Organic Content. Copy and paste the portion of the URL for your blog/article section into the filter. For example, if all your article content share a common piece of the URL (e.g. http://www.mysite/blog-articles/), you would pass that portion of the URL into the filter. Now you will have a report in place that over time will give you analytics data on those Landing Pages/Articles.

See examples of Electrical and Industrial News and Blog Content


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