Electrical, Industrial Distributor Data Publishing

You never know what’s coming. It could be the web, it could be print. That’s what’s so exciting about marketing through electrical and industrial wholesale distribution media channels. A skill set that includes actually having been in the trenches, doing the work, not just having the vision to direct it, goes a long way.

Electrical Wholesale Distributor, Electrical Fittings Catalog. For example, having database skills has allowed me to extract data and pull images together into a SQL or MS Access Database that includes item numbers,  product descriptions and images.  Or update  a live SQL Database that powers the electrical wholesale distributor database.

Electrical parts catalog file generated directly from SQL database.

Electrical parts catalog file generated directly from SQL database. (Click to open PDF)

Having the hands-on knowledge to perform these actions gains the respect of anyone you might direct to do these things. As my career marches forward, I am surprised at how valuable this is, and more importantly, the people skills that makes the implementers want to perform for you.

The most challenging part of having such a skill set is differentiating yourself from the IT folks. The best way to explain is that “you know enough to be dangerous.” So as tempting as it is to venture into that world, I’ve had to draw the line somewhere, and accept, at least in my case, that I’m not a coder, and certainly not a systems administrator. I am just a guy who loves to apply technology in creative ways and generate revenue.

In marketing, it is extremely important to associate yourself with the “revenue side” of things. So I’ve positioned myself as a Sales/IT “liaison”. Stay close to the money and build your people skills. Unless you like talking to a computer all day. That’s just not me.

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