Google Algorithm Change Will Affect Distributor e-Commerce


MAY 3, 2016

In October 2015, this site's Google search indexing declined sharply, coinciding with Google’s 3rd largest algorithm change which added Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) to  its algorithm.  This Google update places ever-more value on informational, intelligible, educational site content.

Your product visibility in Google drops without creating original content about your products and applications.


Google recently announced it will give preference to supplier websites going beyond just listing products and descriptions.

This means that along with product data, Industrial/Electrical distributors should be creating meaningful content.

The change introduces Artificial Intelligence to Google’s algorithm. This is good news for companies creating “natural

language” written content about products, applications and solutions. Of course, good product data is a factor.

While e-Business retailers have webstores, “Best In Class E-tailers” are deploying the “4 Pillars of E-Commerce” — Marketplace Intelligence, Data, Content and Execution.

Looking to improve your web catalog’s product data and content?

Electrical Marketing Can Help.

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