Content solutions for Industrial Electrical

Building and maintaining a webstore and marketing your brand is just one item on your plate. No longer are IT, Marketing and Sales the stakeholders in choosing servies that meet the needs of an Industrial/Electrical organization.

Content may include product data, images, documentation or long-form content like blog posts. Here are 5 abilities you can look for in choosing an Industrial/Electrical content provider.


Ask if the persons collecting and reviewing your content have any experience working as staff members with an end user, distributor or OEM in the Supply Chain. This experience ensures they understand your culture, customers and products.

We’ve been staff members in marketing, IT and sales teams for leading “e-Business” operators in the industrial and electrical supply chain.

This multi-disciplined experience means  we understand Electrical/Industrial organizations’ culture and the Supply Chain business landscape you’re in .

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Industry ExperienceCross-DisciplinedReputationPlatform AgnosticStaffing
We know the products. Working exclusively in the Industrial/Electrical sector since 1998, we’ve populated ecommerce platforms with over 1 million SKU’s. This includes senior staff experience as well as contract assignments.
Our staff includes IT, Marketing and Sales experience. These skillsets include database management, Digital Marketing and customer and supply chain knowledge. This results in Product Information Management needed for ERP’s and CRM’s
Our staff experience includes recognition by major organizations including NAED, NBC (TV), New York Times and eBay (Business and Industrial). Sectors of the supply chain include full line distributors and the secondary supply chain.
Electrical Marketing, LLC, is not locked into one e-Business platform. Whether it’s Microsoft Dynaics, Epicor, SalesForce, or third party platforms including Magento, Shopify or Volusion. Complex enterprise or small to mid-size business rely on this range of platform exposure.
Our portfolio includes on-staff and consulting experience. This means we’ve been in our clients’ positions as well as provided deliverables to extend their staffing bandwidth. Industrial/Electrical is our wheelhouse.

Industrial Content Optimization

We collect, organize and optimize OEM new and legacy industrial data with robust product attributes. Combined with digital assets like images and electronic documents, this leads to better product identification. Â We understand the products, the supply chain marketplace and know the leading OEMs. 

In the end, this means greater customer confidence in product listings, categories and subcategories for easier navigation. Most importantly, this means more webstore sales.

    • Categories and sub-categories for navigation and user experience
    • Added product listings that create more web traffic and store sales.
    • Data Enrichment Service can complement your data records.
    • Product images and documents for more sales conversions
    • Clean, accurate data in your ERP for internal operations
    • Greater customer confidence in product listings
    • Rich product attributes on sales quotes and shipping documentation
    • Accurate Order and Shipping documentation for fewer returns

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