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Siemens Motor Starter Replacement Parts: Electrical Contacts and Coils
Siemens Innova Series Motor Starter Replacement Parts

We wrote this article for an Electrical Contact, Brush and Coil supplier for their site blog. The intention was to position the company high on search engine results as well as positioning them as a source for legacy replacement starters and contactors. The article succeeding in lead generation as is shown in the search engine illustration below.

This article put the supplier at top of search engines for the keyword “Siemens Motor Starter and Replacements“. (3TF Series did well in search results too).

Siemens Replacement Starte

Article on “Siemens Replacement Starter” put this supplier on top of Google search for links to article.

Siemens Energy & Automation acquired the Furnas Electric Company electrical control and motor control center product groups in 1996. You will see these OEM names used interchangeably. Furnas is now a Siemens company. Electrical Contactor suppliers have come out with replacement contact kits and control coils for Siemens Innova series starters.

When the Innova and Innova plus starters were introduced they touted fewer mechanical parts because they were opened by a steel spring for precise opening of the contacts. Today, “spring contacts” have become an industry standard. The springs can be purchased individually. Look for them under contactor parts or under electrical contactor springs and contactor shunts.

Siemens 3TF Series Motor Starter Replacement Parts

You will not find the 3TF offered by Siemens any longer. It has been replaced by the 3RT series. However, the legacy 3TF contactor is still in high demand. That’s why most suppliers offer a comprehensive lineup of motor starter replacement parts including replacement control coils for the Siemens 3TF and replacement electrical contacts for the Siemens 3TF, as well as contacts for the newer 3RT electrical contactor series.

Real-World Testing

Replacement contacts and control coils are tested to insure compatibility with OEM motor controls. They are sometimes reverse engineered from the original manufacturer product.

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