Surplus Electrical Parts for Legacy Equipment

by Greg Carter

Industrial Surplus Overstock Parts and Repair To Reduce Operating Costs

Here’s an Asset Recovery article I wrote a few years back that is ripe with keyword opportunities for good SEO as well as adding editorial value to newcomers to this niche industry. The keywords in bold are perfect for a reseller of electrical or industrial equipment to link to its parent site, or to other pages withing that site to gain visibility on search engines.

Surplus Business distinguish themselves as an industrial surplus distributor of goods that are most most often new in the box (NIB). You might call it “late model” factory parts. Typically, surplus goods are sold “as is”. Reliable service centers have a dedicated QA team to testing everything before it ships.

Electrical Warehouse

Electrical Warehouse of New OEM and Surplus Electrical Equipment gives this supplier’s customer alternatives for saving money on surplus or the reassurance of buying OEM products.

Surplus overstock distributors have emerged in recent years who have large inventories of surplus electrical parts discontinued by the manufacturer while end-users in the plant continue running production lines requiring these parts. Surplus wholesalers buy and sell high-profile surplus products such as Square D, Danaher Corporation, Honeywell, ABB Ltd., Omron Automation, Siemens Automation, General Electric, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi Electric, Eurotherm Controls. Surplus wholesalers sometimes have highly technical staffs and repair test equipment to ensure items are in like-new working condition. The market served here is known as MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations).

MRO encompasses repairing any type of electrical or mechanical device or providing supplies that preserve or support a factory’s assets (a.k.a., asset recovery). These activities also involve preventive maintenance critical to manufacturers avoiding costly downtime. There are as many types of devices used in automation as there are malfunctions, making Quality Assurance critical to PLC repair as well as all other industrial controls in a manufacturing setting.

The ebay Store I built originally had 60,000 items. It was recognized as the largest Store in the U.S with more than 40,000 transaction annually. I optimized the store to drive traffic to our parent website as part of our marketing strategy Now the ebay store lists more than 1 million parts.

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